Defrost Guide

The Campbells’ Guide to Festive Freezing Dos and Don’ts

Cooking the perfect Christmas dinner, of course, starts with great quality meat – but it also takes a little practical know-how to make sure it all goes smoothly. Planning ahead is key – including when it comes to defrosting your meat.

Here is our simple guide to defrosting your meat safely and easily this Christmas.

1. Do place your meat in the freezer as soon as it arrives, until you’re ready to defrost it.
2. Don’t defrost at room temperature. Ideally defrosting should be done in the fridge.
3. Do place it on tray at the bottom of the fridge to defrost gently and catch any liquid.
4. Do allow enough time. A turkey weighing 5kg can take up to 3 – 4 days to defrost fully in the fridge.
5. Do make sure your food is fully defrosted before cooking.
6. Don’t cook meat while it’s still frozen.