T bone steak

What is a T Bone Steak?

The T Bone Steak offers up the best of both worlds; a sirloin steak and a fillet steak separated by a t-shaped bone. Considering that it contains two of the most prized cuts of beef in one steak, it’s easy to understand why the T Bone steak is regarding as one of the highest quality gourmand steaks.

Full of flavour, the T Bone steak is definitely one for all those meat lovers out there. The juicy tenderness gained from the well marbled meat results in a mouth-watering dinner treat.

How to cook T Bone Steak

As you would with individual sirloin and fillet steaks, the T Bone benefits from pan frying quickly over a high heat. Add oil to a hot skillet and wait for it to smoke before placing the well-seasoned steak in the pan. Depending on your preference, you can cook in the pan only, or split the cooking between the pan and the grill.

Whichever method you decide upon, a vital aspect of cooking the perfect T Bone steak that cannot be overlooked is resting. This will allow the juices that have risen to the surface of the meat to slowly settle back into the beef for optimal succulence.

And don’t be afraid of the actual T Bone itself, as it proves to be a good ally while cooking. The bone naturally conducts heat throughout the entire steak, which equates to more evenly cooked meat.

T Bone Steak from Campbells

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