Topside of beef/beef Topside

What is Topside of beef, also called beef Topside?

Very much like silverside, topside of beef packs a lot of flavour despite being a fairly economical cut. It’s sourced from the hindquarter of the cow, the long inner muscle of the thigh to be exact, and is very lean. Little fat marble exists, but when purchased as large boneless joints, butchers tend to secure a thin layer of fat on one side to aid with the cooking and develop the flavour.

Due to the lack of fat, we can class topside of beef as one of healthier cuts of beef available. And since it’s pretty affordable, it’s ideal for those of us looking for low cost, low calorie Sunday roasting joints!

How to cook Topside of beef

Topside of beef is ideal for roasting, but due to its lack of fat, it’s very important to baste the meat regularly to stop it from drying out. We recommend a long roast in the oven or slow cooker, remembering to fill the dish with a small amount of stock. If you cook in the oven, a covered dish is the best choice as again, this will lock in moisture.

Left-over roast topside of beef makes for the perfect roast beef sandwich, so Sunday’s roast dinner is fixed and Monday’s lunch is also covered!

Aside from slow roasted topside of beef, this versatile cut can be used in a wide range of stews and casseroles. Indeed, topside is often used in the classic French dish Bourguignon, where the meat is cut into cubes and slow cooked in a beef stock and red wine. Apply the same rule of slow cooking with plenty of stock, vegetables and herbs in your casseroles and stews, and you’ll benefit from gloriously tender meat.

Topside of beef from Campbells

Our Scotch Topside of beef is sourced from cattle naturally raised and fed on farms that are highly reputable for their high standards of animal welfare. When you buy topside of beef online from Campbells, it’s prepared by our skilled butchers and freshly delivered to your door. Order online today for fresh, premium grade meat from Scotland’s best online butcher.

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