Haddock Fillets x 2
  • Haddock Fillets x 2
  • Haddock Fillets x 2

Haddock Fillets x 2

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Weight 230g x 2
Serves 2

47 reviews

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  • "very good flavour with firm but tender flesh."


  • "Wow - loved these fillets - amazing."

    Carol Rochnia

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The favourite fish of Scotland, Haddock is famous as the star in many dishes

from the everyday fish supper to its  smoked form being used as the base for every delicious bowl of Cullen Skink.

They are a member of the cod family and similar in taste and texture, however they are smaller than Cod reaching 80cm and around 3.5kg in weight. In Scotland it is generally preferred over cod for fish and chips and other fish suppers as the clean white flesh is tender and flaky with a slightly sweeter taste than cod. Fresh fillets are translucent.

Their round bodies have a grey back, silver flanks and white belly and the lateral line is black and gently curved. The distinctive dark blotch on each shoulder is the so called St. Peter's mark or thumb print. As a member of the cod family they have the typical small barbule on the lower lip. They are distributed on both sides of the Atlantic and fished year-round.

Try it pan fried in butter with with some boiled new potatoes and seasonal veg. Finish the dish with fresh ground pepper a knob of butter and a sqeeze of lemon. Quick to prepare and delicious, you can also view our haddock recipes including Fish and Chips.

Scientific Name: Melanogrammus aeglefinus
Provenance: processed in Scotland, but may have been landed in Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland or Faroe Islands
Catch or Cultivation Method: Purse Seine Netted
Preparation: Skinless, boneless.
Refrigerated Shelf Life From Despatch Date: 3 days

What Our Customers Think

"Fresh and extremely tasty" - Isabel Eddy

"Wow - loved these fillets - amazing" - Carol Rochnia

"Living in the midland we don’t get fresh fish so grateful to have found Campbell’s as the Haddock is so fresh just wish I lived nearer so we could have this weekly. Highly recommended" - Sandra Smith

"Excellent haddock, very good flavour with firm but tender flesh." - Mark

The best things about our Haddock Fillets x2

  • Processed in Scotland
  • Perfect for Fish & Chips
  • High-quality protein source rich in vitamin B & selenium.
  • Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • It is delivered to you fresh
  • It can be frozen
  • We deliver all over the United Kingdom
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Nutrition guide

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy (kj): 317
Energy (kcal): 75
Fat (g): 0.4
Saturates (g): 0.1
Carbohydrates (g): 0
Sugars (g): 0
Protein (g): 17.8
Salt (g): 0.17


HADDOCK (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)



May contain: Crustaceans, Molluscs

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How to cook

All raw fish products must be cooked thoroughly until they are piping hot.

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Customer Reviews


4.94 Average

47 Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Great ????

    2 months ago

  • Janette Cockbill

    Lovely fresh fish nice large portions bit expensive but very enjoyable

    2 months ago

  • Isabel Eddy

    Fresh and extremely tasty

    8 months ago

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully fresh and tasty

    1 year ago

  • Carol Rochnia

    Wow - loved these fillets - amazing

    1 year ago

  • sandra smith

    Living in the midland we don’t get fresh fish so grateful to have found Campbell’s as the Haddock is so fresh just wish I lived nearer so we could have this weekly. Highly recommended

    1 year ago

  • Ellen Coutts

    Absolutely beautiful

    1 year ago

  • Anonymous

    Fresh large tasty portions

    1 year ago

  • Mark

    Excellent haddock, very good flavour with firm but tender flesh.

    1 year ago

  • Carol

    Delicate fslourdome pieces of haddock.

    1 year ago

  • sandra

    So fresh wouldn’t buy anywhere else

    1 year ago

  • Anonymous

    1 year ago

  • Trevor

    Lovely portions excellent quality completely fresh

    2 years ago

  • Steven

    Quality fillets that were very fresh.

    2 years ago

  • Carol

    The nicest haddock ever

    2 years ago

  • Elizabeth

    We love them having them for tea tonight.

    2 years ago

  • sandra

    Best fish ever i live in the midlands and wouldnt buy my fish anywhere else.

    2 years ago

  • Elizabeth

    They are so fresh a joy to eat.

    2 years ago

  • Lawrence

    Superb succulent fish and very tasty and at a very good price

    2 years ago

  • Mrs CD

    Excellent quality! So fresh and delicious.

    2 years ago

  • Betty Stevenson

    They are perfect.

    2 years ago

  • Kittymidd

    Great to get skinless fresh haddock - not readily available in Essex.

    3 years ago

Haddock Fillets x 2
£12.00 2024-06-30T23:00:00.000Z instock