Ham Hock Unsmoked
  • Ham Hock Unsmoked
  • Ham Hock Unsmoked

Ham Hock Unsmoked

£5.00£3.99 2023-11-01T00:00:00.000Z instock
Weight 800g - 1kg (min weight 800g)
Serves 2

84 reviews

  • "Lovely made scotch broth out of it it was lovely."

    Susan Ward

  • "Great value for great meat and soup definitely recommend."


  • "Excellent you can taste the difference."

    michael fairbrother

  • "Made best pot of soup and plenty lean meat to make a sandwich."

    Elaine mckay

  • "Best I've ever purchased and the price was very good and great value for money."

    william phillips

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Ham hock is also known as pork knuckle. Although a relatively cheap cut, braising or stewing gives great results for ham hock and ham hocks make a great ingredient in pea or lentil soups.

Ham hocks have a distinctive and rich flavour, and make for a versatile ingredient in a number of stews and soups worldwide, as ham hocks are best when stewed for a long time.

This is a raw product.

Refrigerated Shelf Life From Despatch Date: 6 Days

Provenance: UK/EU

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Nutrition guide

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy (kj): 504
Energy (kcal): 120
Fat (g): 3.5
Saturates (g): 0.4
Carbohydrates (g): 3.2
Sugars (g): 0.1
Protein (g): 18.9
Salt (g): 1.68


Pork Hough 87%, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Preservatives E250, E252, Antioxidant E301


No allergens present.

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How to cook

All raw meat products must be cooked thoroughly until they are piping hot.

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Your meat order is kept cool in transit because we either use an insulated expanded polystyrene box, or a recyclable tough corrugated cardboard box which is foil lined and insulated with bubble wrap. Both boxes are leak-proof and sturdy.

To keep your delivery cool, it is packed along with specially designed ice packs. Our ice packs are made with a frozen water-based gel, which keeps the meat at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. When the ice does melt, it stays as a gel, which prevents the delivery becoming wet.

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Customer Reviews


4.62 Average

84 Reviews

  • Walter Giraud


    1 month ago


    I can't leave a proper review of the ham hock because mine was a disaster. All down to my cooking, I'm afraid. But there was a lot of meat on the bone, and at that price I'm happy to buy it again to hopefully c…

    1 month ago

  • william phillips

    it was a real treat to receive such quality meat and the packing and delivery were just perfect, as for the taste and flavor? best I've ever purchased and the price was very good and great value for money, Try …

    4 months ago

  • Gillian MacDougall

    Good taste, good value

    6 months ago

  • William Flynn


    6 months ago

  • Tricia Walsh

    7 months ago

  • ""

    Very nice meat so tasty

    7 months ago

  • Elaine mckay

    Made best pot of soup and plenty lean meat to make a sandwich

    7 months ago

  • phillip rawlings

    Unlike a lot of shop bought hams this seemed far less salty and the meat tasted great

    7 months ago

  • michael fairbrother

    excellent you can taste the difference

    7 months ago

  • Robert Sillett

    Top quality and good value

    7 months ago

  • Ismo Nousiainen

    8 months ago

  • jenny turner

    Living in the south of England for fifty years I bought this to try and replicate my mothers wonderful soup. I think I did pretty well. It had plenty of meat on it which we ate separately as well as putting th…

    8 months ago

  • Anonymous

    Great value for great meat and soup definitely recommend

    9 months ago

  • Trevor Dowling

    Taste was unbelievable

    10 months ago

  • William Flynn


    10 months ago

  • Susan Ward

    Lovely made scotch broth out of it it was lovely

    10 months ago

  • Carol A Hamilton

    Plenty of meat and not salty

    11 months ago

  • Stephen Vaughan

    Great delivery and great tasting hock.

    11 months ago

  • Rosemary Barter

    Very meaty, and makes great soup stock

    11 months ago

  • Aleister

    Actually, the meat was great, but until you sort out your appalling courier you will never get more than 1 star. DPD are atrocious.

    1 year ago

  • Janet

    Made soup with this ,enough meat on and not to salty,made 3 portions and tasted fine.

    1 year ago

  • David C

    tiny bit fatty

    1 year ago

  • Ann

    Enjoyed very much

    1 year ago

  • Anthony

    1 year ago

  • Mary Catherine

    1 year ago

  • crossers

    Nice hock joints

    1 year ago

  • Josie Hirst

    I make brawn with these,very popular with the family.last one I made is already gone. I’ll post some pics when I make more.

    1 year ago

  • Carol Green

    Excellent value for money, lots of meat on these.

    1 year ago

  • Kevin

    Very good product

    1 year ago

  • mark watson

    made the best soup with this hough

    1 year ago

  • James Wibberley

    Well satisfied

    1 year ago

Ham Hock Unsmoked
£5.00£3.99 2023-11-01T00:00:00.000Z instock