Why Campbells?

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We are delighted you asked.

The simplest answer to that is we want you to enjoy in the most convenient way the top quality meat supplied to Michelin star hotels and restaurants such as Tom Kitchin, Sheraton, Balmoral, Nick Nairn, etc. When we say top quality meat... we mean great meat, tasty meat, customised and produced to the highest standard of animal welfare.

There are many places that you can go and buy your meat from but we sell Michelin star quality meat, fish and deli and we pride ourselves in being the best online family butcher in Scotland. 

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    100% Freshness Guarantee – Always Fresh Never Frozen

    100% Freshness Guarantee – Always Fresh Never Frozen
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    Our traditional butchery skill

    Being a Scottish company is a great advantage to Campbells. It helps us to produce the highest quality meat, because Scottish farmers rear great animals, predominantly grass fed and based on less intensive agriculture systems than elsewhere in Europe.

    All of Campbells’ meats are butchered in the traditional way, not on a production line. This makes a big difference to the quality and the taste remains consistent every time.

    Our traditional butchery skill
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    Campbells Gold

    Campbells Gold is our own brand of superior Scotch Beef, registered with the Scottish Government under the Beef Labelling Scheme. We specially select the best beef available, primarily from our supplier Scotbeef Inverurie, then dry age for 21-28 days which gives the beef time to allow flavour to develop and obtain the level of tenderness required to meet the Campbells Gold standard. Our own hanging chill is temperature and humidity controlled.

    Once the beef has matured, our master butchers here in Lathallan expertly cut the beef by hand to our customer's requirements.

    Only cattle born and raised naturally and predominantly grass fed in Scotland are used for Campbells Gold Beef and we have full traceability to farm and feed.

    We make every effort to make sure that Campbells Gold is the best quality Scotch Beef available. 

    Campbells Gold
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    Amazing Trustpilot Reviews

    "Totally Problem free purchase

    First order, no problem and well pleased with all the products. Super fast delivery, and very well packed. 10/10 Back soon. Thank you for your 1st class service". -  Frank Sharp

    "Consistently high quality

    I've ordered all kinds of things from cheap cuts to chateaubriand and the quality has always been very high. Prices are very competitive too." - Gary Marshall

    "Good quality, fast service

    This is my second order from Campbells and I cannot fault the quality of the meat or the delivery service. Very good quality meat and I am very hard to please." -  Marilyn Miller

    Amazing Trustpilot Reviews
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    Value for money

    By now you might have gathered that we don’t compromise on our quality. Have a look at our online shopping section and you will see how reasonable our prices are. If that’s not enough, you can subscribe to our weekly special offers and newsletters to receive free meat and fish goodies with your order.

    Value for money
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    Great Partnerships

    We have partnerships with various Scottish farms with a wide selection, ensuring that we get only the highest quality and freshest produce

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    Our Variety

    With Campbells you choose from the whole range of beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison, poultry, fish prepared in a wide range of cuts and portion sizes. If your recipe demands meat, fish or deli -  we have got it. Order any quantity and a combination of products you like and make sure you have stocked up.

    If you are confused or unable to find your choice, just give us a call at 0131 526 4444 or drop us a mail at info@campbellsmeat.com and we will find you your product; alternatively we’ll suggest an order to suit your lifestyle and taste

    Our Variety
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    Always There To Chat

    Our customer service team, butchers and fishmongers are available to speak with you on a daily basis to provide you with customised cuts which will give you the juiciest and flavoursome meats available online.

    Always There To Chat
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    Our Guarantee to you

    • If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with any of our products we will give you a full refund or a replacement for the same.
    • All of our Scottish beef products have full traceability back to the farm of their origin.
    • Our Scotch Beef is matured in a traditional manner, on the bone for a period of 21 days.
    • We cut our meat to a very high specification and deliver it to you in a specially designed chilled box to ensure its freshness.
    • No product replacement until prior contact with customer.
    Our Guarantee to you
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    Wherever you are in the UK or Europe (subject to postcode) we deliver within one working day to your doorstep. Order online or by phone 0131 526 4444 before noon during weekdays and your meat will arrive FRESH the following day ready to cook or freeze in quantities that suit you and your family. For more information on delivery, please click here.


Our Suppliers

  1. Scotbeef
  2. ABP
  3. A.K. Stoddart
  4. McIntosh Donald Ltd
  5. Rhinds of Elgin
  6. A P Jess
  7. Millers of Speyside
  8. Munro of Dingwall
  1. Scotbeef
  2. McIntosh Donald Ltd
  3. Rhinds of Elgin
  4. Millers of Speyside
  5. Munro of Dingwall
  1. Scotbeef
  2. J.Robertson & Sons
  3. Clash Farm
  4. Rhinds of Elgin
  5. Millers of Speyside
  6. Munro of Dingwall
  1. Highland Game
  2. Burnside Farm
  1. Gartmorn Farm
  1. Shetland - Mussels
  2. Lerwick Fish Market - Hake, Coley, Pollack, Cod
  3. Orkney - Scallops, Crab, Lobster
  4. Scrabster Market - Cod, Coley, Prime Fish
  5. Kinlochbervie Market - Coley, Cod, Tusk
  6. Fraserburgh Fish Market - Monkfish
  7. Peterhead Fish Market - Haddock, Lemon Sole
  8. Mallaig Market - Skate
  9. Lochleven - Mussels
  10. Cumbrae - Oysters
  11. Tarbert - Crab, Scallop, Lobster, Cockles
  12. Dunbar - Trout
  13. Eyemouth - Wild Salmon, Sea Trout
  14. Troon Market - Crab, Langoustine, Lobster
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