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Read Behind the Scenes at Campbells

Behind the Scenes at Campbells

Behind the Scenes at Campbells

In today’s digital era it is easy to lose focus on traditional skills and rely on machines to do most of the work for you. Although at Linlithgow (Scotland), we proudly rely on our traditional butchers and fishmongers to provide you the tastiest cuts of meat and fish on a daily basis.

Being an online butcher has its benefits but we constantly get asked about the provenance of our meat, fish and deli. We believe it’s very important to know where your food comes from and how it is processed before it reaches you.

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our customers about the products we supply to them and have created these short videos for you to understand the process involved and how we are able to consistently supply great produce.

Dry Ageing Maturation Chill and Butchery Department

Gerry explains how we mature our beef for a period of 21-28 days and the effect it has on the taste of the meat.

Poultry Department

Gerry touches upon the range of poultry products supplied from Scotland and all over the world.

Sausage and Haggis Department

Gerry talks about the birth of Campbells Haggis and the wide variety of hand-made sausages and burgers made on a daily basis.

Fish Department

Gerry highlights upon the seafood selection available at Campbells along with the traceability information available for customers.

Deli Department

Gerry explains that the delicatessen section contains a good variety of Scottish cheeses and international cheeses easily available for customers to buy from www.campbellsmeat.com.

Dispatch Department

Gerry elaborates on the detail of the packing process in the dispatch department.