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Read Buying Wagyu beef Online

Buying Wagyu beef Online

Often said to be the most expensive beef in the world, Wagyu beef is sourced from cattle that a fed a special grain mix that produces a beautifully tender meat that’s bursting with flavour. The distinctive marbling of the meat is caused by ribbons of fat that run through the cut, and this high fat content ensures that the Wagyu beef is succulent and tender.

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Where to buy Wagyu beef online

As Wagyu beef is quite an expensive and not that readily available meat, you’d think that it’s quite hard to come by. And do maybe you’ve wondered where to buy Wagyu beef online. As Scotland’s best online butchers, we are proud to say that you can order Wagyu beef online from Campbells Prime Meat.

We have a huge range of Wagyu beef cuts including sirloin, ribeye and rump steaks as well as roasting joints and the very popular Wagyu steak pack!

How to buy Wagyu beef online

So now that we’ve answered the question of where to buy Wagyu beef online, it’s definitely worth explaining what happens when you order Wagyu beef online with Campbells Prime Meat.

Browse our premium meat produce, select the product you’d like to buy, and the weight of the item if required, and add it to your basket. Once at the checkout, you can choose the best delivery date, as well as arranging particular delivery options. Once your purchase has been made you’ll receive a confirmation by email. We will then ready your order and deliver it safely and freshly to your home. Simple!

And that’s how to buy Wagyu beef online with Campbells Prime Meat. We’ve made it so easy for you to order Wagyu beef online from the comfort and convenience of home.