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Read New Environment Friendly Cardboard Box

New Environment Friendly Cardboard Box

Our new slicker, cleaner, environmentally friendly boxes are a go!

Everyone hates expanded polystyrene boxes and so do we! So environmentally unfriendly, they’re already banned in Madrid & San Francisco. All our e-commerce home deliveries are now made in our expertly designed new cardboard and foil boxes. Designed along with InnPac Ltd, the boxes keep your meat just as cool.

Campbells opened their first butchers shop in 1910 in Edinburgh with the founding focus being on providing the best quality Scottish meat. This value remains at the company’s heart today. Campbell’s award winning website www.campbellsmeat.com delivers fresh Scottish meat and fish all over UK.

The boxes are custom designed to suit Campbell’s requirements and can hold products chilled between 0-5 degrees for next day delivery. The cardboard box is strong and durable and is fully recyclable. No need for landfill unlike polystyrene boxes.

Christopher Campbell, Campbells Prime Meats Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have worked with InnPac Ltd. on updating our packaging. We believe that our customers will benefit from this change and will be able to recycle their boxes easily without worrying about the damage to the environment. We anticipate that this product will revolutionise the way ecommerce chilled food packaging is currently used in Scotland”

Kevin Porter, Managing Director, InnPac Ltd said: “We are delighted to bring Cool InnPac to the market. We have been designing and pack testing this innovative product over the past 12 months. There is consumer demand for a fully recycled product for ecommerce chilled food distribution. More details available at www.coolinnpac.co.uk .”