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Simply Haggis

At Campbells, we offer a range of online Puddings and online Haggis available for purchase on our website. We pride ourselves on being the only producer of Scottish Haggis, using a family recipe which dates back to 1910 and is PGI (Protected Geographic Institute) certified.

All of our Haggis and Black Pudding is produced at our premises in Linlithgow. We use only the finest ingredients to produce fresh Haggis, including fresh Lamb, oats and a secret blend of seasoning.
I asked Gerry, our master butcher, about the process to produce our Haggis, which meant I got to spend some time in our factory learning how to make a family recipe that dates back over 100 years. Firstly, all ingredients are weighed including Lamb Lungs, Ox Liver, Oatmeal and Kibbled Onion. The Ox Liver is boiled until blanched, whilst stirring in other ingredients to give the Haggis its seasoning. This is then minced alongside the Kibbled Onion and then placed in a mixer with Oatmeal, Stock, Seasoning and Gravy. These ingredients are mixed until they are well blended together and filled into a casing. The Haggis roll is then placed onto a rack and cooked before it is transferred through to our High Risk Area, where our cooked meats are then picked for your orders.

Our Black Pudding is also made at our premises using cinnamon and nutmeg as well as other ingredients, giving it a slightly spicy after taste. Our Black Pudding is soft and crumbly in texture, and is perfect as a breakfast item, or served with seared Scallops and Chorizo Picante Sausage.

Last year we decided to combine our Haggis and Black Pudding to make a very unique ‘Blaggis Burger’. Also known as the Black Haggis Burger, the mix is balanced with Beef Chuck Roll and freshly hand made at our premises. It is also one of our bestselling burgers and features in the Campbells Burger Pack, perfect for BBQ season!