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Read Mince & Tatties Recipe Video

Mince & Tatties Recipe Video

Mince and tatties conjures up childhood memories for a lot of Scots. me included. Traditionally this would be made in the oven – with no onions or garlic within a good 10 miles of it. It’s actually delicious and very tender, but with just meat, carrots and a little stock it’s a lighter version than we make.

Our recipe is much richer than most. It’s proper tasty, with onion, garlic, carrots – and a really good stock. We even throw in a few gravy granules.

The crucial thing is to use the best quality mince. We recommend our steak mince. We take a proper cut of beef and mince it, not simply using up leftover bits from here and there. In particular with beef, the quality of the meat is paramount.

Our other favourite mince dishes are the ever popular including spag bol and chilli con carne.  They freeze really well, so always make twice as much as you need and freeze half.