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The Perfect Steak

The perfect steak can be the perfect meal. More than with any other cut of meat, the quality of the meat is the most important thing here. We use Campbell’s Gold sirloin in the video. It must be dry-aged, from a good carcass selection. We buy all their own meat and they have a man on the ground, choosing what to buy.

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Our Perfect Steak cooking class at the cook school is so popular – everyone loves steak, and everyone wants to know how to cook it to its absolute best.

There are a few essential things to be sure of when cooking steak. The pan and oil must be hot when it goes in; you must not move it around while it caramelises; you must rest it. Of course, you don’t want to overcook it either. At the Cook School we use a Thermapen thermometer to make sure that doesn’t happen. Brilliant bit of kit.

What else is there to know about steaks? Yes, they can be great on the BBQ – just make sure the coals are fully ready, ie glowing embers, before you start. They’re also great cooked on a ridged grill pan. But my ultimate steak is always pan fried.

I’ve also got a nice new beef salad on at the cook school at the moment, using a cooked steak, well rested, and sliced thinly into a nice spicy Thai salad.

If you’re thinking of cooking a few steaks for a dinner party, you could cook them earlier, with the core temperature reaching just 30C, then allow them to cool to room temp. You can then pop them back into a hot oven, at about 225C for 5-6 mins, so they heat through but don’t over cook. The optimum temperature for medium rare steak is 40C in the pan, then once it’s out and resting, the temperature will actually rise to 55C. This is something people sometimes struggle to fathom, and I think what leads to overcooking.