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Great produce is the cornerstone of my food philosophy and I find the freshness and quality of their fish outstanding.

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  • Beef

    Beef is one of the nation's favourite meats. Besides providing us with a high source of protein, essential nutrients and vitamins, beef is full of flavour, making it an ideal meat to cook with. In fact, beef is an exceptionally versatile meat, due in part, to the extensive number of cuts available.

    Sirloin steak, rump steak, topside, silverside, and beef brisket are just a few of the beef cuts you can buy online at Campbell's Meat. With so many different cuts readily available on the market, you can create a wide range of dishes - from a traditional Britsh Sunday roast to an exotic curry.

    At Campbells Meat, we have our own standard of Scotch beef, which is registered under the Scottish Executive's Beef Labelling Scheme. Campbells Gold Beef is carefully selected and is then hung for 21 to 28 days in our own chill, which makes it tender and gives it its flavour.

    In fact, Campbells Gold standard beef is of such high quality that it can be found on the menus of many of Scotland's top eateries and establishments.

    Whenever you order any of the beef cuts from Campbells Meat, you can rest assured that your order will arrive unspoilt, as it is prepared fresh on the day of dispatch by our team of highly skilled butchers.

    So, whether you are looking for the perfect cut for a family roast, or tender chunks to create a warming stew, buy fresh Scotch beef online today from Campbells Meat.

  • Pork

    Pork is not only Britain's most consumed meat but also the most popular choice of meat in the world due to its popularity in Asian Countries.

    It is incredibly versatile and oozes flavour. If cooked correctly, it will be mouthwateringly tender. Pork is a meat that is high in protein and is a great source of iron, zinc & B vitamins.

    As pork is such a popular meat across the globe, there are many different ways you can cook this versatile meat.

    In Britain, pork is a meat that is traditionally roasted or stewed, but other popular cooking methods include grilling, baking, pan-frying, stir-frying and griddling.

    At Campbells Meat, the majority of our pork comes from Scottish farms in Ayrshire, with the exception of our rare breed pork which comes from Clash Farm near Stranraer.

    When you buy from Campbells Meat, you can be sure that your order will be unspoilt since it is freshly prepared on site by our highly trained butchers on the day of dispatch.

    So, whether you are looking to cook up a storm with a pork stir-fry or feed the family with a pork stew, buy fresh pork cuts online today from Campbells Meat.