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Read Dinner in a flash – BBQ style!

Dinner in a flash – BBQ style!

BBQ Season!

What is a summer Barbecue without pig and chicken on a stick, glaze on our face, a lot of sticky napkins and meat stuck in our teeth? That’s right, Barbecue season is upon us and barbecue means MEAT! For me, vegetables are foreign on a barbecue. Of course you can roast bell peppers and grill courgettes and yes they will taste really fresh, juicy and make you forget you are consuming part of your 5 portions of vegetables a day. But my love for quality meat makes me biased and it is convenient since I work for Campbells who is the largest independent supplier of fresh meat, fish and deli to the food service industry in Scotland out with the supermarket sector.

BBQ Meat from Campbells

Meat on the bone has an impeccable flavour. And when it’s cooked right the meat is always tender, succulent, juicy and falls off the bone with ease. When it comes to barbecuing food on a summer’s day, it’s imperative to have meat on the bone in your menu. Too many people get caught up in cooking burgers and sausages on a barbecue and forget about foods that are flawless on the barbecue, such as Chicken Thighs and Baby Back Ribs.

Barbecue Meat from Campbells

For me it’s a close call between chicken and pork on the bone. Both are hard to overcook, rich in flavour, ooze tenderness and are a stress-free weeknight meal.


To get golden crispy skin on Chicken Thighs you can easily rub some olive oil or butter on top and under the skin, sprinkle some rosemary and crushed garlic on top and grill on the barbecue. Served with spicy potato wedges, camembert cheese, caramelised onion and virginia cure streaky bacon on the side, it can be a very appealing meal. Baby Back Ribs are different. Smaller in width, they are better brushed with a homemade marinade and tossed on the barbecue to slowly cook – it is a sin to boil ribs!

I created a marinade whilst making pulled pork at home last week and can guarantee that the marinade is a match for Baby Back Rib. It consists of; salt, ground black pepper, brown sugar, white sugar, garlic powder, smoked paprika powder, a touch of Worcester sauce, red wine vinegar and a bay leaf. However if you want an easier option, we also have Smokey BBQ Glaze available on our website amongst other marinades and glazes.

All this writing has got me hungry so I’m off to light up the barbecue and cook some Pork, Haggis and Herb Jumbo Sausages for lunch. Until next time, happy barbecuing!

Image Source: Quality Meat Scotland