Fore rib of beef

What is fore rib of beef?

Fore rib of beef, a glorious roasting joint, can be bought as boneless or boned. And when it is carefully cut into steaks, we have ourselves some mouth-watering rib eye steaks. But for now, we are going to focus on how to cook fore rib of beef as a whole roasting joint. A joint so good that traditional Sunday dinner is elevated to something truly special.

The forerib, which comprises of the first 5 bones of the loin, has ample marbled fat running through the meat, which intensifies the flavour and ensures that the beef is kept tender through the cooking process. Speaking of which, let’s look at how to cook fore rib of beef…

How to cook fore rib of beef

As previously mentioned it is made up of the first 5 bones of the loin, but depending on how much you require, you can cut your roasting joint down to 2, 3 or 4 bones.

While it’s a formidable looking piece of meat, the fore rib is actually quite easy to cook. It’s best roasted in the oven on a very high heat, but before doing so, ensure that the meat is well seasoned with salt and pepper. We’d also recommend adding thyme or rosemary to the mix for a classic flavour combination.

Once roasted according to your recipe, it’s important to allow the meat to rest in a warm place for around 15-20mins. This will allow the meat to tenderise and juices pushed to the surface of the joint will seep back into the beef for added flavour and succulence.

Carve it up into slices and serve with all the traditional trimmings of a mouth-watering Sunday roast dinner.

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