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All of our steaks are cut by hand to order. Giving you the freshest and highest quality steaks that you would find at a craft butcher, with all of the conveniences of ordering from an online butcher.

Our range of BBQ meat packs has been curated to bring together the best meat for the barbecue and includes several steak meat boxes for delivery across the UK.

Buy fresh meat online and buy steaks online from Campbells Prime Meat to ensure your BBQ steaks will impress any guest.

For years we have supplied some of the finest eateries in Scotland, including those with Michelin stars, and now you can order the same restaurant-quality steaks to be delivered directly to your door.

Each of our Campbells Gold range of beef steaks is cut from dry-aged grass-fed Scotch Beef. Every Scotch Beef label means the animal was born, reared, and processed right here in Scotland on farms that adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

Our range of BBQ beef steaks includes sirloin steak, rib eye steak, fillet steak, bavette steak, fajita steak, T bone steak, and BBQ beef steak boxes. We also have BBQ pork steaks and BBQ lamb steaks.

Our range of BBQ meat online also includes other BBQ beef favourites like short ribs and brisket.

For some BBQ beef recipe inspiration have a look at our guide to BBQ marinades and our Ultimate Guide to Steak blog posts. We also have our Top 5 Pork Marinades and Top 5 Lamb Marinades.

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