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If you are looking to buy fish online for outdoor grilling, Campbells is the right place for you. We have a wide range of fish products that makes for some of the best BBQ food.

Our fish is packed full of vitamins and nutrients, and fresh fish is the best way to feed your family lighter and healthier meals, giving an interesting alternative when cooking on the BBQ. And don't forget that each order is hand cut by our master fishmongers.

We have classic fish like Lemon Sole, Fresh Salmon, and Steelhead Trout, as well as other popular BBQ fish like Monkfish, Plaice, and Sea Bass. If you're looking for something a little different, then try our Sea Bream, Stone Bass, or Grey Sole.

For some recipe inspiration, have a look at our Monkfish Wrapped in Prosciutto Crudo with a White Wine and Mustard Sauce, Easy Sea Bream with Lemon and Herbs, Guide to Marinades, Fillet of Salmon with a Pancetta, Pea & Baby Gem Stew, and our Top Healthy Fish Recipes recipe blog posts.

For some more ideas on how to throw a fantastic BBQ food party, have a glance at our ultimate guide on how to make your summer sizzle.